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RealTAG is the HOTTEST NEW Mortgage Lead Generation Tool!

RealTAG™ turns prospects into clients by instantly delivering a wealth of information about your prospect in less than 5 seconds. What’s more, with only a name, address, and zip code RealTAG™ can generate fresh loan prospects right from your desktop!

Generate NEW LEADS INSTANTLY for pennies per lead!

Go after new clients with confidence. Generate new prospects from your past loans / leads. Look at every lead from every source and target the ones that will close!

You’ll get on every RealTAG lead:

  • A real time HVCC compliant industry leading AVM property value!
  • Who is on title!
  • What was the last sale date and sale amount!
  • What is the household level income!
  • Loan funding score: Increase your funding rate up to 8 times!
  • What is the current equity in the property!
  • What are the current mortgage liens on the property!
  • Is there a Notice of Default or Foreclosure on the property!
  • What are the 6 most recent Comp’s sales in the neighborhood!
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