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Investing in Social Teams Gains More Acceptance

8 years ago, Written by , Posted in Business Tips, Social Media

Most businesses have understood the need to have a dedicated social media team. The one-person for social channels theory is quickly sinking, giving way to teams that integrate marketers, content writers, and optimizers. However, this doesn’t mean that you will fail for sure without a team. It is just that you need to redefine your social marketing goals.

Why a team?

A team is most likely to deliver more and quicker. If you are a small to medium-sized business interested in slowly developing a team, start small. Choose a few social networks that work best for you. Start with a single person to manage your spending, monitoring, and updating requirements. You can use free-image resources like Wikimedia Commons or Flickr. Direct some resource towards creating quality content.

Social Integration is Here to Stay, So Get it Right

The importance of social integration with email cannot be ignored. Email marketing will continue to deliver and it should be woven with social promotion. E-marketing managers are quickly realizing that increasing their social presence through email campaigns is cheap and effective.

Socially-optimized email marketing helps to engage the entire customer base, including past and probable clients. For increasing your social visibility, you can direct popular posts/pages from your social channels to the inbox of targeted audience. Emails carrying catchy subject lines and status updates are sure to increase your social traffic. Try to use images, one-liners, and graphs/diagrams that communicate effectively within seconds. Make sure the content of your emails is catchy and full of information. There is no point sending boring and dull emails that nobody will read.

Become a Better Social Conversation Listener

This might sound strange but most real estate agents tend to interact in a very preachy manner. We are talking about social interaction where agents tend to repeatedly post statistics about their organization. However, impressing the audience with numbers has a limited role in increasing your social presence. Similarly, repeatedly comparing your brand with competitors and making your organization look superior doesn’t always help.

You should try to become a better listener. Try to gauge the mood or tone of the conversation. If a real estate trend is being discussed, keep the conversation neutral. You need to peep beyond your immediate area of specialization. Try to help people with their housing issues, from lack of good rented spaces to decorating and selling.

Keep it Interesting

Ask any social media enthusiast and real estate is bound to be tagged as a relatively boring niche. On the social circuit, people like to be connected with something that helps them escape the daily grind of life. You need to break away from the monotony associated with real estate. This could be a contest or a quiz. Even if you keep the gifts humble, the mere chance to win something creates a lot of buzz. Don’t make your social channels text-heavy. Pictures tell the story in a more interesting way. If you want to discuss in the industrial context, use graphs and diagrammatic comparisons. Try to tell your organization’s story in an animated way with lots of photographs.

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