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Keep Yourself Updated with Social Media Trends Emerging in 2014

8 years ago, Written by , Posted in Business Tips, marketing, Social Media

Social media continues to enthrall us with its fast-changing dynamics. It has always shown new trends each year and the same is expected in 2014. Here, we will talk about trends most likely to emerge and persist in 2014.

Social Advertising Management becomes Critical

Social advertising makes sense for most businesses. However, many of them struggle to manage their advertising budgets. Digital marketers often don’t have a clear answer to rising social advertising costs. Perhaps the issue lies in too many options. Every social platform manages and bills ads in a different way. Despite the presence of many analytical tools to gain transparency about the effectivity of social advertising, there is a lot of confusion.

As a marketer, you need to have precise and measurable advertising goals. It is better to start with a modest budget. Before investing in social ads, filter your audience. Decide whether you want generalized marketing or hyper-selective targeting. You should invest in building and optimizing landing pages that correlate to social ads and increase the advertising impact. Starting with a low budget is good since it does not add too much pressure.

Just Interacting isn’t Sufficient, Get Your Social Listening Skills Right

Being social has been acknowledged by most brands as an important tool for branding, customer interaction, and retention purposes. However, every business in this niche isn’t following the correct path. We are talking about paying attention to social media interaction.

Even seasoned online marketers have been guilty of not really listening to social conversations. We have always believed in making social conversations more interactive by responding regularly. More businesses will realize the importance of keeping social conversations relevant. This means responding smartly without offending anyone. Merely tweeting about a brand or regularly posting on Facebook won’t make much sense as 2014 progresses.

Before responding to questions/opinions, it is important to understand the overall mood of the conversation. It is better to steer clear of negative sentiments. Communicating effectively also means that you should identify social discussions that make sense for advertising purposes. For instance, people often vent their feelings on social channels. Here, the context doesn’t really support your cause.

Most critically, never say something that seems like a threat to privacy. Once you establish the reputation of interacting sensibly, you will get to network with more people.

Social Media ROI Remains Elusive

Decoding the ROI on social media activities continues to be a major headache for most businesses. Despite employing dedicated social marketers, quantifying efforts in the social space and translating it into easy-to-understand numbers remains elusive. Some people have peddled a huge misconception, i.e. social ROI isn’t worth measuring as long as your brand is benefiting.

We recommend measuring regularly. This helps in creating a bigger impact for every penny spent. You can get a clear perspective about the utility of different social marketing channels when you have measurements tools and clearly defined goals. Your measurement parameters should include lead generation performance and the ability to increase brand awareness. Also, try to compare costs for creating brand loyalty through social and non-social channels.

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