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Top Tips to Enhancing Your Business’ Social Media Profile

9 years ago, Written by , Posted in Business Tips

It’s a proven fact that the use of social media is an extremely effective and beneficial way to promote your business and services. As a business owner, you should be doing everything you can to maximize the impact of your social media efforts. One of the most important things you can do is to maintain a profile that is complete and engaging. This requires some basic housekeeping on the part of your social media manager.

A top-notch social media profile can help your business succeed in ways you probably haven’t imagined. Your business’ social medial profile can help to build your brand and the awareness of your services, as well as improve your rankings in search engines and bring in referral traffic.

Consider the following tips to enhance the social media profile of your business:

  • Post engaging and useful content. This is one of the most important aspects of your social media strategy. Simply posting links to other pages with a sentence or two is not really worthy content. Make it engaging and interesting to any potential readers. Or, you will lose them quickly.
  • Track the results. You can track the results of your social media efforts by using a variety of tools. Many sites have analytical tools that are built in, such as Facebook. There are many other tools such as Google Analytics that can display how many visits your site is receiving from social media referrals. There are also many other free analytic tools out there to use data to your advantage.
  • Add more networks. When you are ready, add new social networks to your list. Branch out and consider posting videos on Vimeo or pictures on Instagram. Look for any new social medial networks that have taken flight.
  • Revamp bios frequently. Be sure to have your profile bios up to date and current. You should have a bio that tells prospective customers what your business offers using keywords. It should also include a compelling reason for prospects to engage, be sure to include a link to your business’ landing page.
  • Make sure customers can see all of your social presences. Put social network icons and links on your website in places, and update them whenever you add more sites to your social media strategy.

The above tips will help your business take advantage of the benefits of a strong social media presence by vamping up your profile. Don’t forget: Basic housekeeping of your social media profiles is the key to the success of your online strategy. A common mistake that many businesses make is that they setup their profiles and build connections, but they don’t have any plans after that. If you don’t plan to utilize your social networks as a marketing tool, having them won’t be worth it!

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